Kapgari – a small village community

IMG_0218Welcome to our site named after a small village – Kapgari in eastern India. In 1947 India attained independence from years of foreign rule and began nationwide reconstruction and development efforts. The villagers in Kapgari and surrounding villages were extremely poor. They depend on agriculture but the area is extremely drought-prone and they did not know how to adapt modern agricultural practices. Interestingly though, there was an active social community.

Professor Pabitra K. Sen, a renowned agricultural scientist, started working there with the villagers to combine the human spirit (MAN) and scientific approach in utilization of available resources (LAND) for reconstruction.

Today, Professor Sen is no more, but his experiment continues. Our goal is to highlight the work done and build a network of similar activities all around the world. We use a data driven approach managed and owned by the community with a cloud based infrastructure that enables communities to interact.

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